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"Michael tremendously helped me with the ITIL Certification. I did not feel prepared to take the exam but Michael's lessons made me feel extremely confident. Thanks to Michael, not only did I unexpectedly pass the exam, but I exceeded my expectations beyond belief. It is amazing to see how knowledgeable Michael is and I feel that anyone who enrolls in his courses will truly benefit from it. Thank you, Michael!"

- Executive Board Support at SAP

"Michael is by far the best ITIL instructor I've had. It was a privilege to learn from him. He has a detailed knowledge of ITIL and has a way of teaching it that is easy to understand. He uses real life examples and is very patient with the class. He made sure that you leave his class with clear understanding and a great sense/feel on how you can apply that to your work/enviroment, not just focusing on passing the test. He also has a great sense of humor that makes the class less boring and more lively. All in all a great learning experience. I'm so happy with the result. ITIL Certified! :) Excellent teacher!"

- Information Systems Analyst at John Muir Health

"I was a student of Michael's for a course in ITIL V3 Foundations over the span of 3 days in a live classroom environment. I am very pleased with Michael's expertise, his deep knowledge and understanding of the subject, and the techniques he successfully applied to teach the course material to me and the other students. I'd highly recommend Michael to anyone who is looking to learn and get a certification on ITIL v3 foundations."

- Network Services Manager at Teacher Created Materials

"Michael is an exceptional instructor; able to break down thoughts and business processes so that everyone in the class could understand. Interaction and involvement was a pleasure, and really, the sense of humor fit our team well.

I highly recommend Michael and I do hope we can have him back again soon."

- Project Manager at Scripps Health

"Consummate Professional" is the term I use for Michael.

I had the pleasure of taking the ITIL Foundations class which Michael was teaching. I had not taken a class that required a test at the end to gain certification in over 30 years. Michael expertly went through the material - it could have been very dry. He instilled some of the points, with personal stories, which made the class more interesting.  
- Technical Lead at Kaiser Permanente

"I had the privilege of having Michael as an ITIL instructor for my Intermediate ITIL RCV class. I was able to pass the exam on my first attempt thanks to him and his teaching method. He took the course material and made it entertaining and easy to understand. I highly recommend him Michael as an instructor."

- Foreign Service Specialist at U.S. Department of State

"Michael was my instructor for my ITIL Foundation class. He took a subject that was quite dry and made it come alive with real world examples and entertaining anecdotes. His education style is to be commended, as is his thorough knowledge of the ITIL material. I would highly recommend him for anyone looking for either an ITIL consultant or an instructor for the material."

- Production Support Manager at Vroom

"Michael delivered the ITIL Foundations to a group of Splunk employees and did an excellent job not only imparting knowledge, but really helping us to understand the material. I can't remember the last time I worked with an instructor who knew the material they were teaching better than Michael did of ITIL. I would highly recommend Michael if you're looking for ITIL instruction at any level."

- AVP Sales Engineering, Americas at Splunk

"I highly recommend Michael as both an instructor and as an ITIL expert. I had the opportunity to take a class from him , and found his teaching approach to be both effective and contemporary."

- Director and Principal Analyst at ISG

" Several members of my staff and I took Michael's class "ITIL v3". I have taken many classes like this before and have never been so engaged and sure of what was being taught thanks to Michael's teaching techniques. Michael was truly an expert. I felt very nervous about taking this course and the exam, but thanks to Michael and his innovative and engaging teaching skills, I passed with no problem and truly retain the information which I am using daily."

- Director Core Optical at Spectrum (formerly Time Warner Cable)

"Michael was my instructor for the ITILv3 Foundations class. He demonstrated expertise in all aspects of the course. His teaching method kept us interested in the material and he used simple every day analogies to tie the material and that made it much easier to comprehend. He was also very patient when it came to teaching the material and made sure we all understood the material before moving on to the next topic. I would definitely take another course with Michael as the instructor and I would recommend Michael to anyone who wants to get into ITIL."

- ServiceNow Admin/Developer at Mozilla Corporation

"Michael is a great example of excellent instructor - well organized, expert in his field, run and lead the class very well, always provide great examples to support material given to students. you never be bored in his class!"

- System Engineer at Quantum Systems, Inc.

"Michael is an excellent trainer with real world experience that brought life to the subject of ITIL Service Management. When I attend other continual training courses for industry relevance, I always hope that instructors provide more than just the mechanics of information. Michael clearly demonstrates that his knowledge of the subject is complete and trustworthy, and balanced with his ability to communicate important details that make sense to students...the results of which are positive."

- Sr. Manager at Canon Business Process Services, Inc.

"Michael was my instructor in ITIL foundation training last week and he did an awesome job as there were so many acronyms and definitions which he made us understand with best examples which made concepts very clear to us. His training helped to gain ITIL knowledge and understand what was required for ITIL Exam too.

I would highly recommend him as an instructor for ITIL course."

- Security Specialist - Information Security at IBM

"Michael is a very versed professional in all aspects of his teachings. He was very enjoyable presenting the material in a way that was easy to understand. I highly recommend his class."

- Data Center Infrastructure Services AIG Technologies

"Michael is an excellent ITIL instructor. He has a skill for presenting the information in a format that really helps the student learn the topics. He has a great sense of humor and made the class enjoyable. I recommend Michael for ITIL training."

- Sr. Project Manager at IBM

"Simply stated, Micheal was an outstanding instructor who fully prepared me for my ITIL 2011 Foundation Certification Exam. With almost 50 outstanding reviews/recommendations, Michael is clearly at the top of his field. When asked by my colleagues and clients for training instructors, I will recommend Michael Bardeh for the job."

- Senior Consultant at Matisia Consulting

"Michael is an excellent IT Service Management experienced instructor. He is a powerful and enjoyable classroom leader who has immeasurable wealth of knowledge, impeccable humility and respect. He is a true ITIL Expert with a very deep knowledge of the ITIL V3. He gave us (Schlumberger team) an awesome training for the foundation course. He welcomed questions, ensured that all the concepts were understood and that all students were well-prepared for the ITIL certification exam. His teaching methodology was awesome. I would strongly recommend Michael, he is a star instructor."

- Global Sales Training Group-Planning & Coordination Manager at Schlumberger

"I took the ITIL Foundations class with Michael. It was very clear, from the start, that Michael was both passionate and knowledgeable about ITIL. The class its self is mostly lecture. Michael was able to keep the class interesting, by linking the training to real world events. In the end I have gained knowledge of ITIL and am looking at taking additional classes. I am glad that Michael was the Instructor that I had for this first session."

- Technical Account Manager at Cisco

"Michael’s extensive knowledge of ITIL and ability to condense large amounts of information into key definitions, processes, and concepts made the course effective and ultimately, enabled to me to pass the ITIL Foundation Certification. I highly recommend Michael to anyone looking to learn, understand, and apply ITIL to their work."

- Working at Genomic Health

"Michael came on site to teach our group ITIL Foundations. The class was very condensed, but Michael presented the information in an organized manner and kept the class focused by engaging the students and giving various real life examples. He kept the class interesting and enjoyable. I really appreciated the extra time spent on the Certification Exam preparation sessions and I passed the ITIL Foundations certification! I would definitely recommend Michael as a teacher for the ITIL Foundations course."

- DBA Team Lead at Northern Arizona University

"Michael led several of our teams through ITIL Foundations training, which we expect will lay the groundwork for the transformation of our IT organization to a 21st-century, service-oriented IT shop.
Michael's breadth and depth of ITIL knowledge, paired with his confident teaching style, created the perfect atmosphere for learning and adoption of this "new" approach.
Michael was superb as an instructor and ITIL subject-matter expert, and I am hopeful that we can have him return to take us through the next steps towards adoption."

- Director, Information Technology

"I attended an ITIL Foundations class this week, and Michael was our Instructor. I was extremely pleased with not only the course and materials, but with the ITIL expertise and effective teaching abilities Michael brought to the class. He is a very good teacher, and his skills and experience in IT and ITIL practices in particular made this class one of the best I've ever taken. I would highly recommend Michael for anyone in need of ITIL training or consulting. He is an expert and a very effective communicator."

- Portfolio Delivery at Kaiser Permanente


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