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  • Top-level diagram:
    The main entry point into the YaSM Process Map for Visio is the 'top-level diagram'. It presents a high-level view of the YaSM service management processes.
  • 19 process overviews:
    Overview diagrams show for each main process how it is related to the other processes and what sub-processes it contains.
  • 99 flowchart diagrams:
    The top areas of the flowchart diagrams illustrate the process interfaces in detail. Underneath the top area, the flowchart diagrams contain one or several rows ("swim lanes") with a detailed account of the process activities.
  • Process structure diagram:
    The process structure diagram shows the YaSM process structure on a single page. This diagram can be used for directly navigating to specific overview or flowchart diagrams on the main or sub-process levels.
  • YaSM data object model:
    The YaSM data object model provides a complete overview of the key relationships between the YaSM data objects (documents and records). Its purpose is to facilitate an understanding of each object's relevance within the YaSM framework.
  • 75 object lifecycle diagrams:
    Object lifecycle diagrams are available for every YaSM data object. Their aim is to illustrate which YaSM processes create, update, read and archive particular YaSM objects, and how their status changes throughout their lifecycle.